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High School Baseball is underway

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

High School Baseball is just getting started. I have a ton of friends, former players and associates coaching on the diamond this spring. I grew up playing small town high school baseball where everyone came out to the park each night to root us on to victory. Parents, let's be clear on the aspects of high school baseball. High School baseball is not designed to get your kid prepared for college or professional baseball. There are a ton of great coaches in our State of Georgia however they are very limited by GHSA Rules, teaching responsibilities and coaching other sports. The school systems did not set up a program to develop high level college and professional athletes. Every so often a phenom arrives on campus and goes off to play big time ball. High School sports were derived to build community pride, hometown team, extra-curricular activity and to learn to be good teammates. There is an AP program for kids in advanced academics. There are no AP sports teams everyone plays on the same field. So, keep this in mind when you are critiquing the coaches, players and others. The mission of the School is not to produce high level college and professional athletes. If your son fits that mold inquire about specialist in those fields. Enjoy your time at the park, it is over before you know it! #NoDAYSOFF

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