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Change is coming

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

People ask me many times if I have any regrets or what would you do different when it comes to our program?

Here it is: You have heard me talk about the 105 MLB Draft Picks that I have coached the last 22 years. ONLY 6 MADE THE MAJOR LEAGUES. That number should have been 35. I do not think that we have done enough to develop these high end athletes in the proper environment for them to physically, mentally and spiritually be ready for the life of a Professional Athlete. There were so many kids that if we had more time to prepare they would have without a doubt been Major Leaguers. We have left so much on the table when it comes to optimizing athletic performance at the high school level. The same basic system is in place that was in place when I was a young player in the 1980's. We can do so much more. I do not want to see another extremely talented young player fall short because he did not receive every ounce of education, training and guidance possible. More is coming...…. #NODaysOFF

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