Play College Baseball losing zero years of NCAA Eligibility



We will begin in Gainesville Florida January 4th 2023. Legendary Florida High School Coach Rich Hofman will lead our program in Gainesville. The team will train at the 2 Field Complex Gatorball on the Northside of Gainesville. In Gainesville you have two high quality educational programs in the University of Florida and Sante Fe Community College. We also have online options for you to take college courses during your time in Gainesville. 

The Program will begin January 4th with a month of training before we open the season in Auburndale, FL late January. Good Florida programs like Palm Beach State, Embry Riddle, St. Thomas University and Keiser University are just a few schools on the Schedule. We will also play in several tournaments featuring college programs from up north and wrap up the season in Atlanta at the National Post Grad Championships. 

We look forward to serving you in Gainesville!

Contact Roger Wilkinson 706-833-3394 for more information



Players: This is not an extra year of HS Baseball

5 Hours a day in professional Training Environment

30 + Spring Games vs JUCO and College Competition

Live in Apartments, Go to College, and play college baseball without losing any NCAA Eligibility!!

Each player will be assessed individually by our physical therapists in order to find physical and mechanical deficiencies in the athlete’s biomechanics. A personalized strength, nutrition and conditioning program will then be written for the athlete and carried out with our Former NFL speed and strength coach. With all of the baseball mental and skill work being overseen by our coaching staff, that has experience coaching 110 MLB Draft picks, including guys that have made it to the MLB All Star Game. We can assure that we will take the necessary measures to keep you healthy and performing optimally. Our medical partners go far beyond a typical athletic trainer that other programs offer. 


Post-Graduate/Reclass students will be able to enroll at East Georgia State College and receive 9 credit hours each semester towards your bachelor’s degree.  Taking these courses does not affect your NCAA eligibility, so after the year if you decide to forgo the MLB Draft you will still have four full years to compete at any level. 



Our Goal

Our goal is simple, to provide you with the best player development program possible. Think of it as the minor leagues, you will be kept on a regular schedule and routine. We think with our help you can make the necessary jump the next levels. We have the resources and connections to get you where you want to be, the rest will be up to you.

Players that are coming from another college after Red Shirting last year are also eligible for this post grad experience. This is a way to actually get on the field if your school was planning a 2nd Redshirt or you didn't want to transfer down a level. 


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