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We will begin in Gainesville Florida January 4th 2023. Legendary Florida High School Coach Rich Hofman will lead our program in Gainesville. The team will train at the 2 Field Complex Gator ball on the Northside of Gainesville. In Gainesville you have two high quality educational programs in the University of Florida and Santa Fe Community College. We also have online options for you to take college courses during your time in Gainesville. 

The Program will begin January 4th with a month of training before we open the season in Auburndale, FL late January. Good Florida programs like Palm Beach State, Embry Riddle, St. Thomas University and Keiser University are just a few schools on the Schedule. We will also play in several tournaments featuring college programs from up north and wrap up the season in Atlanta at the National Post Grad Championships. 

We look forward to serving you in Gainesville!

Contact Roger Wilkinson 706-833-3394 for more information



Welcome Coach Rich Hofman to the Scoutz USA Family. Coach Hofman is the 11th all time Winningest Coach in High School Baseball History. His teams have captured 12 Florida State Championships and 4 National Championships.  Coach Hofman is All Time winningest Coach in Florida HS with 1020 Wins. He has Coached 14 MLB Players including Alex Rodriguez. Over 200 former players have gone on to College Baseball.  We look forward to our players starting in Gainesville, FL January 2023. We have great facilities to train and a very good college schedule of games.

The program in Gainesville will be fast paced with a lot of former NJCAA and NCAA players on the roster. 

We have 3 Campuses Atlanta, GA. Myrtle Beach, SC. and Gainesville, FL. Players report to campus August 1st 2023. High School Grads taking a gap year ,you have the option to take up to 9 hours per semester of college classes without losing any college eligibility. You can take these classes at one of our recommend institutions, in person at a community college near our campus or online at the institution or your choice. You do not have to take classes it is not mandatory however we recommend that you do take at least 1 class. You will have morning hours each day to compete your class work.

College Transfers: if you attended college in the past your clock as started for NCAA. Our year will count as 1 of the 5 years of NCAA DI eligibility. You can use your redshirt year and have 4 remaining NCAA DI. NCAA DII is a different process and is case by case. Our year may not count at all or it may count as 1 of your 5 years. NAIA or NJCAA you lose zero years. 

Daily Routine

Players report at Noon Daily in our program. We have 3 days of Strength training per week. That usually last for 2 hours M,W,F. We do speed and conditioning 2 Days per week and we practice 5 days per week. In the Fall we will play 20 fall games vs NJCAA competition. We will transport you to game via team vans or charter buses depending on the length of the trip. In the Spring we play 40 NJCAA, NAIA or NCAA DII JV teams and we mix in a couple of Series vs. Post Graduate teams. Over the last 2 seasons we have gone 45-19 in the Spring and have 70 of 76 players have signed scholarships including one player signing with the St. Louis Cardinals.

We track your progress by doing analytics testing each semester. We also have a Physical Therapist do an assessment on each player to check deficiencies on each player so that we can address these in your training regimen.

We work with the baseball portal which is a recruiting arena that houses video, academic information, metrics and personal information that we distribute to colleges all over the USA. We have had 96% of our Student/Athletes sign at the next level including 4 players who participated in the NCAA DI Regionals this year.

You do the work and you will get outstanding results. Our system isn't perfect however it has been highly successful in putting guys in an environment to get better and learn the College game.

We try to give you a real college experience without costing you any NCAA eligibility. We have guys that have come to us from the Transfer Portal, NJCAA, SEC and high school seniors that were over looked. Our Motto is #GetOntheSHIP because we believe if we all work together on the Ship, great things will happen.

You can call me 706-833-3394 or text and even email

You can check out our web page

We look forward to seeing you in August! for further information

Roger Wilkinson


In State Academic Scholarships like HOPE in Georgia are eligible for that Aid at in State institutions

Becoming eligible for the HOPE Scholarship is only the first step. There are requirements that you need to be aware of to ensure that you retain the HOPE Scholarship throughout your undergraduate career. The information below highlights what you need to know in order to continue to be eligible for Georgia's HOPE Scholarship or to regain the scholarship while seeking a degree at a Georgia public or private postsecondary institution.


  1. You must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program offered by an eligible public or private college or university or public technical college in Georgia.

There is no minimum number of hours per semester, or quarter, of enrollment required for eligibility at a public institution.

Students attending private colleges and universities must be enrolled at least six (6) hours to receive an award.

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