Farmington, New Mexico will serve as the home for First Chance U which is a private Post-Grad Baseball operation that assists young men with Player Development. Our motto is “Developing the World’s Best Student-Athletes. Our goal is to prepare these young athletes for high level college baseball or professional baseball. Our program is an intense 12 month program with professional training in all aspects of the game of baseball. We have extensive experience in this development that includes 105 MLB Draft picks, 6 MLB Players and over 400 NCAA Players. Our staff has a background in both professional and amateur baseball. 

We are planning on starting the Farmington location August 1st 2021 with 35 athletes training. They will play a 20 game fall schedule, 40 game spring schedule and 35 game Summer Collegiate Schedule. The beauty of our product is that we play collegiate level baseball verses NJCAA, NCAA DII and NAIA teams. This gives our clients a competitive advantage over their peers in their age group in similar environments. Our goal is to prepare these athletes in a 12 month period so that they can sign NJCAA, NCAA or professional contracts at the end of our school year. These students lose NO NCAA eligibility while training and playing in our program. Student athletes will attend San Juan Community college in Farmington taking 9 hours or less each semester in order to retain a full 4 years of NCAA eligibility moving forward.  Farmington, welcome the Scoutz USA SPI Pirates and #GetontheSHIP

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