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Dream Big...then Execute

Fundraising Arm of Scoutz USA SPI

Scoutz USA Sports Performance Institute is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation

Fulfilling Dreams for Kids


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Here's How it Works

For Every $100 you donate you will be given 1 entry into our MEGA Drawing. 


Other Prizes

3 DAY 2 Night Stay with 1K Cash to Las Vegas

3 Day 2 Night Family Vacation to Destin FL

3 Day 2 Night Braves Weekend 

Autographed MLB Jerseys

3 Day 2 Night Stay in N GA Mountains

PLUS 100 Other Prizes including Gift Baskets, Golf, Shopping and more.........

We Need Your Help Donate TODAY!

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 I am Roger Wilkinson, founder of Scoutz USA Sports Performance Institute. In the last 22 years, I have coached 105 Major League Baseball draft picks and over 400 NCAA Baseball players. Only 6 have made it to the “Big Leagues”. Our Big Dream is to make that opportunity more attainable to both kids with professional talent and those that want to spend a career in the World of Sport. 
The majority of the top athletes in the world come from meager backgrounds. They cannot afford to educate, train, obtain proper nutrition, and perform at optimal levels. They need your help, not only financially, but also your expertise. We need to set a great foundation for our youth with leaders like yourself. We need your financial contribution to this project, as well as your contribution to our youth. Our cause is of the utmost importance because, without sports, many of these kids would have no shot at all. Without sports, our society wouldn’t be what it is today, and without a group of future sports leaders, it cannot maintain its place in today’s world. Join us, as we educate our youth in the World of Sports.

Here are our Immediate Goals:

1. Purchase property to build a Stadium on Campus

2. Create Scholarships for the Needy to participate in the program

3. Student Housing and Classrooms on Campus

4. State of the Art Training Center on Campus

5. Busses for Transportation


Together We Achieve More 


Here are our Dream Big Goals

$5 Million gives us the opportunity to provide World Class Facilities fully equipped with State of the Art equipment and provides 500K in Scholarships

Let's Raise $5Million for the Kids

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Here are where your funds contribute:

  • Campus Housing

  • Stadium on Campus

  • Scholarships

  • Visual Performance Lab

  • Sports Medicine Lab

  • Physical Therapy/Rehab

  • Analytics/Metrics Lab

  • Video Suite

  • Equipment

  • Locker Rooms

  • Mental Coaching Lab

  • Strength Training

  • Educational Materials

We appreciate your help. Fulfilling Dreams for Kids 

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