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We will start the 2021-22 Campaign in Daytona Beach Coach Eaton and Staff will be ready to start the player development process and get these guys ready for a great experience. Last year 20 players signed scholarships and 1 player signed a pro contract. #GetontheSHIP

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We use Technology in our daily training regimen

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Program Highlights

  • Physical Assessments  with our PT

  • Visual Performance Lab work

  • Analytics Weekly

  • Video Hitting/Pitching Labs

  • Mental Coaching

  • Specialized Strength Plan

  • Speed Training

  • Flexibility

  • Nutrition Plan

  • Hydration Program

  • Individual Work

  • Team Practice

  • Arm Care/Velocity

  • Guest Speakers Weekly

  • 4-5 Hours Daily Training

  • National Schedule

  • High level exposure

  • Recruiting Platform