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Welcome to the TRIBE

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High School Grads

Taking a gap year ,you have the option to take up to 9 hours per semester of college classes without losing any college eligibility. You can take these classes at one of our recommend institutions, in person at a community college near our campus or online at the institution or your choice. You do not have to take classes it is not mandatory however we recommend that you do take at least 1 class. You will have morning hours each day to compete your class work.

College Transfers: if you attended college in the past your clock as started for NCAA. Our year will count as 1 of the 5 years of NCAA DI eligibility. You can use your redshirt year and have 4 remaining NCAA DI. NCAA DII is a different process and is case by case. Our year may not count at all or it may count as 1 of your 5 years. NAIA or NJCAA you lose zero years. 

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Player Development

Player Development has been our mantra for 3 Decades. 110 MLB Draft Picks, 10 MLB Players, 3 MLB All Stars, 500 NCAA Players and 12 NCAA All Americans have walked through our doors wearing our jersey. We put each player through medical assessments, strength programs, arm care, velocity, hitting technique, metrics and an array of programs designed to Optimize Performance. We are the best in the industry at Player Development and we think our track record backs our claims. 

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Our players have averaged gaining 17lbs per year. We have as good a strength program as you will find for amateur baseball. Our model is driven through a combination of functional strength and developing a baseline of power. We have a cycle of strength training broken into 12 week segments that include pre-season, in-season and post-season lifting protocols. Our players love the program because they see the results. 


Training &

We have partnered with some outstanding trainers, PT's, Orthopedics, Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist to bring a world class training program to optimize performance. We take special care in keeping our players healthy and performing their best

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Practice and Games

We have established the GOLD STANDARD in practice and game development. We have tough fundamental practices daily that challenge our players to be their best. Our staff has coached numerous MLB Players and use protocols from their teachings. We have a strict organized practice structure and it shows up on game day with our teams  being highly successful. We play top competition from High School, Junior College and Academy programs. Our typical day begins after studies are completed. We usually do 90 minutes of Strength/Agility/Speed and 2.5 hours of daily practice. We do have early work and individual sessions apart from team practice

Fall Game Schedule 20-25 Games

Spring 30-40 Games

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Results Matter

Results Matter!

76 Players in the last two years have moved onto College or Professional Baseball. We are definitely the most talented Post Graduate Program in America. We are going to put your kid in a position to get dynamic results. All he has to do is the work! We are process and results driven. We know our process has been fully vetted over and over again. We understand results and our resume shows those results everyday in College and Professional Baseball. 

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Tuition & Fees

Baseball Tuition 2023-24: $13,900.00 1Time Payment

Tuition: $4000.00 Down Payment Can be broken into 2 payments 

 9 Monthly Payments of $1100.00

Tuition Includes the Following:

Assessment Scheduling 1 times yearly

Metrics Testing, Analytics, performance, Nutrition plan, strength, speed, agility, baseball individual training, games, practices, uniforms, practice gear, fields, stadium rental, umpires,

Video training, Recruiting profiles, media days, Scout Days, Pro Day,

Coaching, Meals during Road Trips and Transportation to and from games. 

Players will have to provide insurance coverage from family plans. We will have a supplemental policy

Tuition Does Not Cover College Course Work or fees associated with College Classes

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